Alarm Response

Security officers by cars
Dominion Protection Services will respond to client alarms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our 24/7-response unit is always able to respond to an alarm or after-hours access to any business quickly and efficiently.

Responding to an alarm, our unit will carry out a full interior and/or exterior perimeter check depending on the client’s site-specific information and the relevance of the response itself. After the situation is resolved, you (the client) will receive a complete mobile alarm response report detailing our findings.

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Surveillance cameras
With surveillance, there is no substitute for experience on the job. All of the DPS surveillance officers have a minimum of 5 years field experience and have encountered a variety safety and security situations. This wide-ranging experience assists all officers when verifying an injured workers status, monitoring warehouse activity or confirming suspected criminal activities. Surveillance and paper trail documents are the strongest and the most commonly used evidence when presented in court.

DPS surveillance investigators have been trained on how to use appropriate pre-texts to obtain important information prior to going into the field. This reduces times of inactivity, and minimizes missed apprehension or documentation opportunities.

DPS can also provide counter surveillance, which protects our clients and their property against third party surveillance and unwanted publicity. Our on-call management has the resources to set up emergency site management measures with emergency control center initiation and optimization.

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