DPS is committed to providing our employees and associates with the assistance, support, and opportunity to maximize their individual potential for excellence, peak performance, and personal growth.

DPS recruits experienced individuals to operate within our high-profile security team. Only those with a certain level of education and training become an effective member of the DPS security protection officer team.

A prerequisite for any DPS security officer is that he/she has graduated from an elite security academy or has equivalent qualifications from a similar foundation.

Our management’s knowledge and extensive experience ensures the selection of superb recruits, their training and site-specific placement.

DPS officers are familiar with all the latest security technologies and are specifically trained in the following:

  • Site Patrol Specifics
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
  • Mobile Patrol Supervision
  • Crime Prevention
  • Alarm Response
  • Fire Safety
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Self-Defense
  • Report Writing
  • Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHS&E)
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
  • Property Control Initiatives
  • Specified On-Site Duty Sets
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To apply for a current vacancy please send your details to us via email.

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