Executive Protection

Guard safety belt
DPS offers full site-specific review that will assess the level of potential threat faced by an individual, their families and/or their business.

From this review, DPS can provide close protection and personal security briefings for executives and their employees, whenever there is an increased threat level to their company or certain corporate individuals. These briefings improve an individual's personal security awareness and are tailored to suit the client's needs. The briefings include information on security at work, home or travel with emphasis on particular high-risk situations where operations are carried out. We react with foresight and intelligence to insure that every contingency has been carefully considered, analyzed, and planned.

If required, DPS utilizes both male and/or female close protection officers. These individuals, otherwise known as “Security," work closely as a team to provide the best results and complete protection in a professional manner.

All Dominion officers have been trained with a higher set of in-depth security protection. Our supervisory and management staff is also versed in a variety of training programs including military martial arts and law enforcement. Our officers have completed internationally recognized close protection courses and have gained years of experience working within the civilian personal protection and security sectors.

DPS Protection Services:

  • Executive protection
  • Non-violent crisis intervention
  • OHS&E Programs
  • Male and female security officers
  • Environmentally friendly green programs
  • Private and internal investigations

For more information on Close Protection Services, please contact: info@dominionprotection.ca