Risk Assessments

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Security Risk Analysis
Dominion Protection Services assists businesses operating in a rapidly changing world with a detailed in-depth analysis of how the latest security developments affect their operations and personnel, as well as the overall functionality of each specific property.

Our clear and objective analysis can enable companies to keep operating in often complex and sometimes hostile environments. It reassures staff, enables continuity and safeguards our clients' overall profitability and safety.

DPS is an industry leader in security risk assessment and can tailor our services to meet your every requirement. Dominion Protection is the only security firm in our city that offers these services to our clients.

Threat Assessment
Questions of safety and security are often asked by corporate executives and high net-worth individuals. DPS provides our clients with rational, practical and effective answers that adhere to the highest levels of safety and security protocols.

Our Personal Security Survey and Recommendations is designed to evaluate your risk of:
  • Ambience Control
  • Workplace Violence
  • Internal Theft
  • Intentional & Unintentional Injury

The survey also addresses non-deliberate threats of:

  • Illness and Medical Emergencies
  • Disaster Control
  • Accident Prevention
  • Direct Safety Functions

Each individual business and person faces various risks; therefore DPS begins every Personal Security Survey and Recommendations with a detailed risk assessment so that nothing is ever left to chance.

We provide this risk assessment free of change to all clients that sign long-term contracts with our firm. For more Assessment information, please contact: info@dominionprotection.ca